Join us for the premier specialty optometry meeting of the year!

World renowned experts, practitioners, academics, and manufacturers discuss the latest developments, innovations and research in corneal reshaping, myopia control and specialty contact lenses.   

The latest advances, research, and fitting techniques in all areas of corneal reshaping treatment and specialty practice, including scleral lenses.              

Due to its international appeal, Vision By Design provides the vision care professional with insights from leading practitioners and researchers from around the world.  In addition, our sponsors provide exposure to the most current and targeted industry products available.  

                   Why Attend Vision By Design?                  

Watch these short videos to learn more!


VBD General Sessions   April 7th-9th

Two and one-half days of intensive lectures and panel discussions focusing on the latest advances, research and fitting techniques in all areas of myopia control and prevention, including corneal reshaping.  If you are an Ortho-K fitter, you can't miss this.  How else can you stay current? This field is moving and shaking at light speed!


Boot Camp For Newcomers   April 5th-6th

This is a 14-hour intensive workshop designed to provide you with an academic foundation for how the mold creates its effect; what do you need to get started fitting the lenses; the different methods for fitting corneal reshaping molds; the unique informed consent contract; 2 dynamic Ortho-K marketing lectures; myopia control; troubleshooting; a lens fitting wet lab and a 3 hour topography wet lab. If you are new to the field, or don't have a clue about Ortho-K or myopia control, you can't miss this. It will change your life!

Praise for Vision By Design

“In practice, there are three things that motivate us to succeed: desperation, inspiration, and purpose.  Orthokeratology offers our office the avenue in which we fulfill our need for purpose.  The Vision By Design meeting provides the unique setting for continued growth in this exciting specialty care; I strongly recommend attending."  

— Nicholas Despotidis, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

“Easily the best conference I have been to in over 20 years! Not only for the valuable education, but also for the collegiality and general sense of purpose amongst those that choose to perform Ortho-K so passionately.”

— Philip Berry, O.D.

“Thanks for all your hard work! Best meeting I have been to in 18 years of practice! ”

— Jeffrey Martin, O.D.

“If anyone thinks optometrists are boring they’ve never been to Vision by Design!”

— Paul Levine, Vice President of the AAOMC

“VBD was definitely a great meeting. Thanks to all that helped plan it. I feel like I learned a lot and will understand more as I review my notes. You are all on the cutting edge with Ortho-K.”

— Lisa Davis O.D. FOAA

“Four intense days learning from the brightest minds & research on specialty contact lenses for corneal reshaping therapy, myopia containment, and vision restoration for those with corneal compromise. Exciting stuff and feel fortunate to pick the brains of so many unconventional thinkers! Thanks to all who contributed to Vision by Design!”

— W Patrick Parks

“I would have to say that it was the best OD meeting I’ve ever been to! (Life changing) "

— Jing Han

“At VBD, I didn’t just learn things that I didn’t know.  I learned things that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know!”

— Jeff Jeruss, O.D.

"The knowledge that is obtained during the meetings is vast and very helpful especially for someone new in the Ortho-K and specialty hard lens game. However, meeting and be-friending doctors who have been doing OK for years is the greatest advantage for attending VBD."

— Dr. Theodore Sees