Wednesday, April 5th - Advanced Ortho-K Fitting

Advanced Ortho-K Fitting

( 6 total hours of COPE approved CE )

Wednesday, April 5th   8:00 AM - 1:25 PM

ROOM: crystal VI

(Box Lunch Included)


This 5-hour workshop is designed to provide you with advanced Ortho-K troubleshooting skills.  Three of the world's most notable Ortho-K practitioners will provide you with tools to solve some of your most troubling Ortho-K challenges.  Please Note:  This Workshop is NOT appropriate for Ortho-K beginners.  

This advanced workshop is open to all attendees but is mandatory for all those sitting for the FIAO written test.  Seating is limited, so please register early.  

This advanced fitting presentation brings the audience right into the process and provides clear and concise details on the principles of corneal reshaping and how we fit custom designed lenses, calling upon decades of teaching experience between the speakers. We put even the most inexperienced fitter right into the presentation which covers straight forward design choices along with how to handle some of the most challenging fits. The course instructors will teach new fitting methods as well as how to customize your lens of choice that you currently utilize.  Audience participation is mandatory as we answer your questions as well. In this presentation, the audience becomes in effect the third presenter and an exciting interactive day awaits you!  Be aware though, attending this exciting session presented by world leaders in their field will change how you view your own world!


( 6 total hours of COPE approved CE )

Principle Instructor: Cary Herzberg, OD, FIAO

Part 1           Ortho-K Lens Design          8:00 AM - 10:30 AM  

Marino Formenti, OD, FIAO - Chair, EuroK & Cary Herzberg, OD, FIAO - Chair, IAO and AAOMC

This lecture will teach the characteristics and properties of a standard Orthokeratology design. The attendee will be able to understand the principle of corneal molding induced by the Ortho-K lens.  You will learn to dissect the patient's corneal shape in order to create a more perfect Ortho-K design.  Then each individual curve of an Ortho-K lens will be examined, exploring the function as well as the effect of modification on the treatment outcome.  Finally, the subspecialties of Ortho-K will be discussed - myopia control, hyperopic, presbyopic and astigmatic designs.  

Break           10:30 AM - 10:55 AM

Part 2          Problem Solving in Orthokeratology     10:55 AM - 1:25 PM                

Jaume Paune, DOO, Master Vis Sci, FIAO, PhD - Chair, Fellowship EuroK                                             

This lecture will cover the basics on fluorescein and topography to control the fit in Ortho-k and understand changes and improvements in any fit.   Attendees will enjoy a detailed lecture on advanced NaFI analysis.  Learn the intricacies of evaluating a fit/treatment based on careful NaFl observation.  Understand the relationship between topography and NaFl.  Finally, after identifying the treatment problem, learn how to customize the lens to insure the best optimization for your patient.  

Registration For This Course Includes: Advanced Ortho-K Workshop, functions, meals and lectures.  *Please note – there is no exhibit hall on Wednesday April 5th.


Registration Does Not Include: Boot Camp for Newcomers, Vision By Design 2017 General Sessions, Scleral Lens Wet Lab, WAVE, Global Approach to Myopia Control, and other premium workshops or functions designated outside of Vision By Design 2017. Register for these events separately.

Meeting Refund Policy: Full refund up to one month before the meeting date* Refund requests will be accepted until March 7th, 2017 (*Minus a $50 administrative fee).