Thursday April 6th - Demodex Workshop

Demodex Workshop

Thursday April 6th

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

ROOM: crystal II


Speaker:  Dr. Rob Gerowitz, OD, FIAO

This workshop will inform attendees about demodex infestation as found in a typical private practice patient.  During an initial one-hour tutorial and one-hour wet-lab, Dr. Gerowitz will discuss various treatment methods as well as practice management concepts designed to make demodex treatment a common practice in one’s office.

The second portion of the workshop will include a hands-on wet lab portion, where attendees will have access to real subjects and video slit lamps.

Materials and equipment provided will make this a “turn-key” proposition in which attendees will be able to start treating demodex almost immediately upon return to their offices and quickly recoup their cost for attending this workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop, all attendees will receive:

+ A new Alger brush with 5 disposable 0.5MM tips

+ An off-label device, “The Hummingbird” designed to greatly reduce one’s cost of treating demodex and blepharitis

+ Additional scrubs and tea-tree oil preparations for the treatment of demodex in-office and at home

+ A copy of all handouts and demodex-related practice management materials.

Please note:  A thumb drive with all notes and worksheets included will be handed out.  Notes will not be provided pre-meeting. 

Registration For This Course Includes: Demodex lectures and functions for Thursday April 6th.    

Registration Does Not Include: Boot Camp for Newcomers, Vision By Design 2017 General Sessions, Scleral Lens Wet Lab, WAVE, Global Approach to Myopia Control, Advanced Ortho-K Workshop and other premium workshops or functions designated outside of Vision By Design 2017. Register for these events separately.

Meeting Refund Policy: Full refund up to one month before the meeting date* Refund requests will be accepted until March 7th, 2017 (*Minus a $50 administrative fee).