Agenda 2019

For Vision By Design 2019 we've made some changes to registration to reflect a more inclusive pricing structure. Instead of paying for multiple workshops individually you now pay for the day and receive access to all workshops featured on those days with no additional fees. *SuperCharge Your Practice and Fellowship are not included. Additional details along with the agenda breakdown are listed below and of course if you have any questions at all please feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to seeing you at VBD 2019!

Important Information

  • Wednesday - Fellowship testing is only open to those who have applied and were accepted. Registration is currently closed for Fellowship testing for VBD 2019.

  • Wednesday - OrthoTool Workshop - This workshop is designed for Beginners & Advanced Fitters. It does not require a separate registration to attend and is included if you sign up for Wednesday.

  • Thursday - If you sign up for Thursday you are given the option to attend any sessions available that day. Please remember that if a session has CE credits that there are requirements to attend the full session to receive credit so if you wish to jump from one workshop to another keep that in mind.

  • Friday - SuperCharge Your Practice on Friday evening requires a separate registration - please Click Here to register

  • CE Hours - A full list of CE available will can be found here. Sessions that will have guaranteed CE are Boot Camp (Wed-Thurs) and VBD (Fri-Sun). Additional workshops that have CE are OrthoTool, Scleral Lens Education Society Workshop and SuperCharge.

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