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Vision By Design 2019 - Continuing Education Guidelines

The University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) is the COPE and Florida CE Broker Administrator for all
continuing education (CE) Sessions provided at Vision By Design 2019. Please review the following CE guidelines:

  • ­ Attendees must pick up an attendance forms at the UHCO registration table.

  • ­ Attendance forms must be completed and turned in at the conclusion of the day to a CE staff member. Note: OE Tracker numbers can be found at www.arbo.org.

  • Late arrivals and/or early departures will be notated on the attendance form by the CE staff. Credit will only be issued for time spent in class.

  • COPE does not allow partial hour credit; attendees must be present for the entire COPE course in order to receive credit. Certificates of completion will reflect actual hours attended.

  • UHCO’s review and endorsement of this program does not guarantee continuing education approval by individual State Boards of Optometry. Participants should inquire about credit acceptance with their state board(s).

  • Notice to Oklahoma State License Holders: UHCO will report your attendance to the ARBO OE Tracker System and will provide you with a letter of attendance; however, the Oklahoma Board of Examiners in Optometry does not accept co-sponsored programs with non-approved vendors and, therefore, has declined continuing education credit for the Vision By Design program. For credit inquiries, please contact your state board.

  • Notice to Florida State License Holders: The Florida  Board of Optometry approves CE in one hour increments.  When attending COPE courses where the hours are approved in half-hour increments, the Florida Board will round down the number of hours approved and awarded to Florida Licensees.  For example:

  • If you attend a lecture listed as .5 hours, you will receive 0 credit hours.

  • If you attend a lecture listed as 1.5 hours, you will receive 1 credit hour.

     Additionally, the Florida Board of Optometry does not allow for partial attendance.  Florida Licensees must be present for the entire duration of the course to earn CE credit. 


  • ­UHCO will report all COPE qualified CE hours to the ARBO OE Tracker System within 30 days.

  • ­UHCO will report all hours attended directly to the Florida CE Broker System and the Texas Optometry Board within 30 days.

  • All other state participants are responsible for submitting hours to their state licensing board.

  • UHCO will provide an attendance verification letter to each participant via email within 30 days.

  • International attendees needing proof of attendance should check in at the UCHO CE Monitoring Station for instructions on how to obtain an official certificate.

  • Attendance records will remain on file for 5 years. To request and additional copy from this year’s program, or previous programs, please contact UCHO at optce@central.uh.edu or 713-743-1900


  • Participants will receive access to speaker presentations to download or print approximately one week prior to the program start date. Instructions and a link to access the materials wil be sent via email. Additionally, the Vision By Design 2019 Financial Disclosure information for all planners and speakers will be included.

  • Complete the evaluation form provided to you at the registration table and return it to a CE staff member when you leave for the day. Your feedback is required for COPE reporting purposes, and your input is valued and important to the future planning of the program.

  • Please review the Vision By Design 2019 Financial Disclosure handout for all planner and speaker financial disclosure information.

  • Please silence cellphones during announcement and lectures.

­ For questions while onsite, please visit the UHCO registration table. For questions after the conclusion of the
meeting, please contact optce@central.uh.edu or 713-743-1900.

OE Tracker Information

OE TRACKER captures and stores continuing education attendance data for optometrists. The information is retained in the secure ARBO database and can be accessed online by you and your licensing board. OE TRACKER can save you time and reduce your paperwork by tracking all your CE credits electronically. *Information from www.arbo.org

In order to receive Continuing Education credits at Vision By Design 2019 you must provide us with an OE Tracker number.  You will be asked to enter your OE Tracker number at registration.  

If you live out of the country and do not have an OE tracker number we can provide you with a form which we complete at the end of the conference for you take with you and submit to your local regulatory board. 

For FAQ regarding OE Tracker numbers - CLICK HERE