A COI is a certificate of insurance showing proof of your insurance for an event.  To exhibit at Vision By Design 2018 we require you to carry and submit proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance (also noted in the exhibitor contract).  Please send us a Certificate of Insurance as proof of coverage.  If you have any questions about the COI forms please email Sarah Witt at oaaast@gmail.com

COI forms are due no later than Friday, February 2nd, 2018 or if you become an exhibitor after that date forms are due ASAP.  

Please send forms to Sarah Witt at oaaast@gmail.com 

You must supply a new COI each year you exhibit at Vision By Design.  If you already have insurance please contact your company ask them to issue a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for you with the proper additional insuranced listed.  

Amount to be Insured:

Coverage amount  is 1,000,000 for general liability coverage

Additional Insured for COI / Certificate Holders to be Named as Insured:

The American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control  

2853 E. New York Avenue, Suite B 

Aurora, IL  60502 

A-R HHC Orlando Convention Hotel, LLC d/b/a Hilton Orlando

6001 Destination Pkwy

Orlando, FL  32819