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Past Exhibitors - If you are an exhibitor from last year you were sent an email with a password to access the portal.  

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Please contact us with any questions:  Email - oaaast@gmail.com  Phone - 630-659-8371

Vision By Design consistently brings together the top specialty lens fitters together in one place, allowing exhibitors the chance to showcase their specialty products to the people who need them most.
— George Mera, BS, NCLE-AC, TruForm Optics


10 unopposed hours!  

* Exhibit hall hours may be subject to changes based on minor revisions to the agenda

About Vision By Design

Vision By Design is a four and one half day comprehensive meeting focusing on the latest advances, research, and fitting techniques in all areas of myopia control and prevention, including corneal reshaping.

 VBD places a particular emphasis on specialty optometry. Featuring a corneal reshaping boot camp with topography and fitting wet labs, a scleral wet lab, exclusive sponsor workshops and cutting-edge research and presentations.

 Our meeting is the product of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control. Designed by and for our membership out of a need to promote education, stay up to date on the latest industry trends and create a sustained and valued community of like-minded individuals.

 The unique nature of these events attracts both advanced practitioners and beginners new to corneal reshaping and specialty lens fitting. Our attendees go back to their practices energized and motivated. Vision By Design offers the latest innovations, industry products and tools needed for a successful practice.