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We are a non-profit organization of practitioners and academics devoted to the science and education of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control. Our roots go back to the very beginnings of Orthokeratology and as such our board and membership not only represent the pioneers of ortho-k, but also those dedicated to pushing this field to new heights. Become a member and join the war against the myopia epidemic!


Bausch + Lomb is dedicated to delivering products, education and training for eye care professionals in the custom contact lens space.  Through our Zenlens™ family of scleral lenses, Boston® Materials, and many other custom lens products, eye care professionals will have the support they need to meet the needs of their patients with challenging visual problems including keratoconus, post-refractive surgery, severe astigmatism, orthokeratology, presbyopia and ocular surface disease.  Zenlens™ and Zen™RC scleral lenses can now be coated with Tangible™  Hydra-PEG™  technology and are also available in a multifocal design.  Bausch + Lomb also provides lens care options such as ScleralFil® preservative free saline solution.  For more information visit: 

Boston, ScleralFil, Zenlens and Zen and are trademarks of Bausch & Lomb Incorporated or its affiliates. Tangible and HYDRA-PEG are trademarks of Tangible Science, LLC and used under license.
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Euclid Systems Corporation is the global leader in Proactive Myopia Management and Advanced Orthokeratology and is helping to Shape the Future of Vision around the world.

As the only Ortho-K lens made with MyoK™ design, Euclid Emerald™ lenses are designed for the individual patient’s eyes. You don’t select a lens that’s the closest match from a fitting set; you provide patients with the correct lens. Thanks to ‘Three Factor Fitting,’ integrating Euclid Emerald orthokeratology into your practice is easy. Simply provide three parameters: RX, K Readings, and HVID. This efficient process is devoid of guesswork and yields a category-leading 87% first fit success and 95.5% fit success with up to one lens exchange.

With headquarters in, Virginia, USA, Euclid manufactures all products exclusively in the United States with approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The company additionally has offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China, and is leading global efforts in myopia management in children.

Join us in Shaping the Future of Vision, Shaping the Future of Your Practice, and Shaping the Future of Your Patients with Euclid Emerald Ortho-K.


Medmont is an award winning designer and manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments for the worldwide eye care market.   Selling in every continent, Medmont International Pty Ltd is continuing to expand on its bespoke line of products and proprietary software, from: corneal topographers, perimeters, visual acuity testers, and diagnostic imaging software.  Medmont’s current portfolio of products and software is used by ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, lens manufactures, and researchers worldwide.   Medmont International Pty Ltd is proud to have had, and continues to have, its equipment used in numerous unsponsored peer review studies around the globe. Medmont's head office and manufacturing center is located just outside of Melbourne Australia, in Nunawading


OCULUS, Inc. (USA) was founded in 1999. Combining the finest German engineering with exceptional customer support, we understand the importance of continuous operation of your devices.  With service centers located in Washington and Florida, OCULUS provides reliable, fast and customer-friendly service from 8 am to 8 pm EST.  We provide ongoing training and educational resources, which are accessible 24/7 in our online library or in person.  With our products, such as the Pentacam®, Keratograph® 5M, and Easyfield® C, we have established a gold standard in ophthalmic diagnostic devices. For more information:

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Paragon Vision Sciences is a part of the CooperVision Specialty EyeCare Division. This division addresses the unmet needs of practitioners and patients globally whose ocular challenges compromise not only vision, but quality of life.

Paragon is a pioneer in the field of orthokeratology. It’s Paragon CRT® and CRT Dual Axis® Contact Lenses for Corneal Astigmatism are distributed in over 50 countries worldwide.

The company embraces the important role of learning and shared knowledge. The Paragon Education and Training Academy is an industry center of excellence providing training for eyecare professionals globally.

World class practitioner support is one of the many ways Paragon differentiates itself. Innovative marketing materials designed to drive awareness and interest are available to all certified Paragon CRT® practitioners.

For more information about Paragon Vision Sciences and how their lenses are addressing the worldwide myopia epidemic, visit

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Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. is the nation’s largest independent specialty lens laboratory. Dedicated to serving ophthalmic professionals with custom contact lenses made to exacting standards for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and a broad array of irregular corneal conditions, their 60-year legacy of custom contact lens manufacturing makes them the most experienced specialty lens maker in the U.S. and a widely recognized world-leader in the design, production, and application of custom contact lenses. Leading brands include Ampleye scleral, Renovation multifocal, Intelliwave Precise Prescription custom SiHy, KeraSoft Thin, Optimum Tangible Hydra-Peg, Rose K and Paragon CRT.


Blanchard Contact Lenses, a CooperVision specialty eye care company, designs and manufactures custom GP lenses of the highest quality. Blanchard’s proprietary Onefit™ family of scleral lenses continually expand, with the Onefit™ MED advanced scleral lens giving practitioners complete control to customize the ideal lens for highly irregular/medically indicated corneas, as well as normal corneas, when a larger diameter is needed. Design options for the Onefit™ family of lenses continue to be added to Blanchard’s custom tool box. The latest design enhancement is Controlled Peripheral Recess (CPR) – a manufacturing technology that allows for up to two highly precise and reproducible peripheral recesses on a lens to accommodate pingueculas, scleral shunts or other offending scleral elevation. Onefit™ lenses maximize oxygen to the cornea for long-term ocular health and are supported by intuitive online fitting tools for easy and efficient fitting! Blanchard maintains a vision focused on partnering with practitioners, offering education and guidance to improve all aspects of the contact lens wearer experience. To learn more, visit


BostonSight is the worldwide pioneer in the field of scleral lenses. BostonSight SCLERAL is the next generation design based on real patient data offering right and left anatomical designs with unprecedented comfort and visual outcomes. We’ve eliminated fitting guesswork with a single starting point and a simplified lens modification process. The innovations with BostonSight SCLERAL go, literally, beyond the fitting process. Practices use BostonSight’s comprehensive, three-part program called Beyond the Fit™ for lens ordering and patient support.


Founded in 1962, Contex® is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Orthokeratology lenses. With their original patented OK®-3 Lens all the way to their latest OK®-EX lens designed in an effort to satisfy the theories for myopia control, Contex never stops its efforts in researching and developing Orthokeratology lens designs.  Contex not only invented the 1st reverse geometry lens, but they also introduced Toric Ortho-K and Hyperopic Ortho-K way back in 1996.  Contex currently sells the OK® Lens in over 20 countries around the world.


DGH Technology, Inc. is the acknowledged worldwide leader in ultrasonic equipment for eye care professionals. Our product line includes: The Pachmate 2: World leading hand held pachymeter, The Pachette 4: Portable Pachymeter, The Scanmate A: The worlds most advanced A-Scan with unique features to ensure accurate axial length measurements. New Axial Length Progression report to monitor axial elongation in your myopia control patients. The NEW Scanmate Flex: Provides any desired combination of A-Scan / B-Scan / UBM. It's hallmark is its flexability. DGH Technology Inc. has been setting the standards for reliability and ease of use since 1982. All DGH products are proudly made in the USA.


EyeCarePro is a digital marketing company working exclusively in eye care. Our company provides a variety of powerful and results-driven marketing solutions to eye care practices which directly enable the practices to scale up and grow. These services maximize new patient appointments in the local area using the latest best-practices in Search Engine Optimization, social media management, patient reviews, and monthly topical campaigns.

EyeCarePro also offers more advanced services geared to market medical specialties. The approach applies a rigorous and effective content strategy to engage and educate potential patients while establishing the practice's expertise and building trust. Expert special services marketed include scleral lenses & custom contacts, vision therapy & neuro-optometric rehabilitation, dry eye, myopia management & ortho-k, and pediatrics.

At EyeCarePro, your return on investment is measured only in quantifiable new-patient appointments. We never use contracts since the value we provide will keep our clients with us.


Custom Craft Lens service based in Las Vegas, Nevada is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for EyeSpace lenses. Create an account with Daren and stop on by to the booth for a free demo. The key point of difference is that EyeSpace uses all sagittal height data from your topographer instead of simulated K's and eccentricity to determine an accurate custom lens simulation. We are proud to also announce that we now have EyeSpace easy order which allows us to decrease chair time and increase profitability for your practice. The software, all knowledge base materials and training are free and the lenses are priced competitively. There is also a consumer website and practice resources for anyone new to the modality so that on Monday you can hit the ground running with our platform. This was made by optometrists for optometrists and ophthalmologists. For more information please see For more information:

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Since 2002 iMatrix has specialized in customized, professional websites and online marketing solutions for eye care professionals with small to medium-size businesses who want to gain a larger local market share. We provide the solution for all your online marketing needs to help attract new business and engage current clients.

logo.jpg is a site dedicated to educating the public about peer-reviewed myopia control options and helping patients find qualified local doctors of Optometry who practice myopia control. We utilize the collective power of our linked practices to elevate your listing on our site in Google, power by a six-figure investment in top-tier website technology. Our SEO experts “power” your listing ahead of competitors’ websites.


Take control of your Myopia Control success by custom designing your own lenses! OrthoTool is a powerful custom contact lens design software that takes the guesswork out of complex OrthoK and Myopia Control designs. Based on over 30 years of research and clinic experience, OrthoTool has a US Patent Pending Myopia Control Profile that will allow you to tackle some of the most difficult cases. Have full control over your custom lens designs without any proprietary information! With a new more powerful design format and compatibility with the Medmont topographer, the OrthoTool software puts designing lenses at your fingertips. Use OrthoTool to custom design lenses for RGP, soft multifocals, Myopia Control, Orthokeratology and more!

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In 2001 born ORTHOS, a software to design orthok contact lenses as an excel file. Every year we have increased new functions. First we have been added the lenses for correct any value of astigmatism, then we have improved the software to correct hyperopia, mixed astigmatisms and presbyopia. In 2016 we have transformed the file excel into a web application. Thus was born RGP Designer: the new revolutionary tool to design all types of Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses including lenses for Orthokeratology on regular cornea. It has been designed to be extremely simple to use yet powerful thanks to its intuitive web interface. RGP Designer is available as an affordable, high quality, subscription based service accessible from any location, anytime and any device. Any lenses designed with RGPDesigner will be ordered to preferred lab. 


SynergEyes is an advanced-technology contact lens company focused exclusively on the leading independent eye care professionals, providing a complete continuum of specialty contact lens products. Brands include Duette® hybrid lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia, UltraHealth® hybrid and SynergEyes VS scleral lenses for irregular corneas, and SimplifEyes daily disposable soft lenses.


Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (ASX:VTI) is an innovative eye care company committed to redefining vision. Since its founding in 2008, Visioneering has brought together clinical, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and regulatory leaders from top vision care businesses to provide new solutions for presbyopia, myopia and astigmatism. Headquartered in the US, Visioneering designs, manufactures, sells and distributes contact lenses. Its flagship product is the NaturalVue ® Multifocal contact lens, and VTI has expanded its portfolio of technologies to address a range of eye care issues. The company has grown operations across the United States, Australia and Europe and is expanding into Asia with a focus on markets with high rates of myopia.


Wave lenses are like no other, allowing a greater range of patient selection. Using Keratron Topographer, Medmont Topographer, or OCULUS Keratograph data, Wave Contact Lens Software creates a lens nearly matching the peripheral cornea and are available as single vision, front surface multifocal, Toric or Bi-toric lens or OrthoKeratology (with or without a toric periphery), for the most precisely centered and comfortable fit available. Curves are multi-aspheric for optimum fit and effect. Wave also runs as a standalone application using the Wave VST OrthoK Quick Design process.


X-Cel Specialty Contacts is the only company that manufactures specialty disposable, custom soft, and gas permeable contact lenses.  We offer the widest selection of contact lenses in the industry to ensure proper fit, visual acuity, and all day comfort. We enable Optical Professionals to succeed with specialty contact lenses that improve patient satisfaction and expand the practice.

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BRUDER. BETTER BY DESIGN. SOLUTIONS FOR DRY EYE - Bruder® ophthalmic products offer natural and proven treatments for dry eye, MGD, blepharitis, and other eye irritations. They are designed to increase patient compliance and improve surgical outcomes. Products include: # 1 Doctor Recommended Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compresses featuring patented MediBeads®, Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Solution, Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Sheets, EyeleveTM Contact Lens Compress and specialty instruments. Learn more:

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Eaglet Eye produces the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) using Profilometry technology. Profilometry allows taking hi-resolution 3D images of the front surface of the eye, 20mm in diameter. With more than 35 lenses integrated from 18 labs, the ESP is the ideal specialty lens fitting champion for your practice. Easy to use and highly accurate, the ESP comes with great support from the Eaglet team including 3 optometrists. Find us on booth 61! and


Essilor Custom Contact Lens Specialists is an expert team passionate about gas permeable lenses & the art of fitting them. We provide products & services that help you successfully fit patients with the specialty lenses they need to see the world clearly. By joining our family, you'll have access to a full portfolio of the best designs on the market including Presbyopic, Scleral, Keratoconus, Surgical & Orthokeratology options. Visit for more information!


We specialize in lid Hygiene. We have the best dry eye compress available today, 2 to choose from. We also manufacture a cold compress, Lid Wipes and Lid Cleanser. Please come by our booth for samples.

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GOV®-ArtMost® has designed and patented an extensive range of specialty Orthokeratology and Myopia Control contact lenses allowing you to treat a wide range of refractive errors from Hyperopia (+6.00D) to high Myopia (over -10.00D) including Astigmatism, Tilted corneas, corneas with ectasia, Post LASIK and Presbyopia. The NEW ArtMost® SoftOK® is an innovative soft contact lens for daywear which "simulates" the GOV® Ortho-K treatment zone on the eye. This lens instantly provides for a perfect Ortho-K treatment optic zone which is very effective in controlling the progression of Myopia. This lens is especially useful in helping the high myopic cases that may not be easily corrected with Orthokeratology contact lenses. GOV® and ArtMost® are committed to the ongoing promotion of Vision Correction.


GP Specialists is a custom contact lens lab specializing in made-to-order soft and gas permeable lenses. We are a leader in the field of Orthokeratology featuring the largest selection of Ortho-K lenses including ISEE, FARGO, GOV and Paragon's CRT. Also, we are the exclusive manufacture of iSight custom soft lenses and the only true Polycon substitute lens. Visit our booth and discover how we can enhance your practice through specialty lenses.


We combine the best of the natural healing techniques into one comprehensive turn-key system for doctors to easily incorporate into their practices. Our “natural eye health treatments” provide doctors the tools to deliver expert natural care. Our protocols cover the most common acute and chronic conditions from dry eye to macular degeneration. These products stimulate and support the body’s self-healing capabilities.


Optos delivers comprehensive retinal imaging devices and evaluation tools to eyecare professionals. With the support of 500 peer reviewed clinical studies, optomap is the only clinically-validated, ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology in the industry. Our products enable eyecare professionals to detect, monitor, and effectively treat more retinal pathology thus saving sight and lives.

roya_logo_2018_original_color_copy.jpg is a leading software and digital marketing company specializing in medical marketing, specifically for eye care professionals. prides itself on being technology focused, always being on the forefront of technology trends. Roya applies an innovative approach to digital marketing, offering a complete spectrum of products and services custom tailored to each client to help achieve their goals and increase ROI. specializes in: Custom Website Design, Google AMP, ROI Tracking, SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, Reputation Management
Roya is differentiated in the industry by their transparent approach to reporting, building a cohesive digital brand strategy and increasing profitability for their clients. Please visit the booth to get a complimentary website audit, and learn how Roya can increase your call volume and grow your business.


Founded in 1988, Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments has been an integral part of the Ophthalmic community with a rich history and an exciting future. Veatch has gained the reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction to optometry professionals nationwide for over 30 years.

When the marketplace needed new and more efficient ophthalmic technology, Veatch set out to create ReSeeVit digital imaging. ReSeeVit, known as the "Total Solution," combines the best acquisition devices in the market, including the elite HR Slit Lamp Camera, Canon CR-2 Non-Myd Fundus Camera, and Endothelium/Modi WaveFront Topographer – resulting in superior image resolution and archive capability.

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