First Timer's Guide To Vision By Design

Welcome to VBD! This meeting is the product of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control, and was created by it's membership for the research and education of orthokeratology, myopia control, and specialty contact lenses. This meeting has been running for over ten years and along the way we have added many workshops, programs, and curriculum that reflect the ever changing and growing landscape of our industry. We realize that newcomers may find our meeting to be a little overwhelming in scale so we created this guide to help you navigate VBD for your first time with us.


Ortho-k Boot Camp for Newcomers

If you are new to the field, or don't have a clue about Ortho-K or myopia control, then this is the place to start at Vision By Design. This is a 14-hour intensive workshop designed to provide you with an academic foundation for how the mold creates its effect; what you need to get started fitting the lenses; the different methods for fitting corneal reshaping molds; the unique informed consent contract; myopia control; troubleshooting; a lens fitting wet lab and a 3 hour topography wet lab.

By the end of this workshop you will be empowered and ready to take on the world of corneal reshaping. But don’t stop here, sign up for the Vision By Design General Session that follows.

The Vision By Design General Session

After attending Ortho-K Boot Camp, or if you are not a newcomer to Ortho-k, The Vision By Design General Session is the main event of our meeting. 

Two and a half days of intensive lectures and panel discussions focusing on the latest advances, research and fitting techniques in all areas of myopia control and prevention, including corneal reshaping, and scleral lenses. Our congress is unique and our attendees provide a fantastic community that can provide you with the networking opportunities to learn even when you are out of sessions.

Additional Workshops

Vision By Design has been described as a, "working meeting". Our attendees take advantage of a plethora of additional workshops to help round out their curriculum. While other meetings are designed to be a mix of education and recreation, Vision By Design is different in that it is primarily focused on education. Our workshops offer everything from practice management, to advanced Ortho-K classes, product and feature highlights, and additional training in areas like our keratoconus scleral lens wet lab.

We recognize that not everyone is able to commit to additional workshops and that is why they are offered under an a la carte fee structure, instead of being bundled into one fee with the VBD General Session. If you are looking to roll up your sleeves and add more to your VBD experience, then consider a pre-meeting workshop on Wednesday or Thursday.