Manufacturer Seminar Descriptions (Saturday April 14th)

Time Slot A: 10:50 am - 11:20 am

BLANCHARD - Onefit™ MED Puts You in Control: Customized Design and Fitting with an Advanced Scleral Lens
Location: LAKE HART A
Presented by Justine Siergey, OD, FSLS.
Justine Siergey will explain how Onefit™ MED allows you to design the ideal scleral lens for medically indicated corneas, including a wide-range of ectasias (moderate to severe), as well as healthy corneas when a larger diameter is needed.  YOU CONTROL the design and fit by selecting parameter options for these four fitting zones: Central, Mid-peripheral, Limbal and Edge.  With a trial set composed of just 20 lenses and an extremely intuitive online fitting tool, Onefit MED is an easy to use and invaluable design to have at your fingertips.

Euclid Systems Corporation
Part I - Sapphire™ Toric OrthoK – the “Highs and Lows” of Fitting the Toric cornea for Myopia Management
Presented: Randy Kojima
Randy will review the proper use of topography data and proper capture methods to allow successful empirical fitting of this complex lens

Part II - Sapphire™ and Emerald™ - Sophisticated Designs=Easy Prescribing  
Presented: George Glady, VP R&D and Regulatory, Euclid Systems Corporation
Tim Koch, Clinical and Education Consultant – Euclid Systems Corporation
George and Tim will provide an inside look at the complex algorithms that enable Sapphire and Emerald to be so highly successful when fit using just basic empirical data.

Oculus - OCULUS Pentacam® for Scleral Lens Fitting and Follow up Care
Presented by, Dr. Jason Jedlicka
Description The Oculus Pentacam has many applications for the specialty contact lens practitioner, from properly diagnosing and monitoring anterior segment disease, to streamlining the scleral lens fitting process.  Find out more about how this powerful tool can transform your current practice into an anterior segment disease and scleral lens specialty practice.

iMatrix - How to Become an Online Leader in the Ortho-K Community
Location: LAKE SHEEN A
Speaker:  Danielle Astilla
A major obstacle for Ortho-K providers is lack of awareness surrounding non-surgical options for vision correction. In this educational presentation, we will examine how Ortho-K providers can combat this obstacle while establishing themselves as an online authority. Attend this presentation to get a crash course in online marketing, learn which marketing tools you need to have in your arsenal, and the solutions to the most common online challenges you will face. 


Time Slot B: 11:20 am - 11:50 am

Acculens - Attaining Success with MultiFocal Scleral Lenses
Presented by, Bill Masler FCLSA, NCLEC President AccuLens, Elissa Masler VP Sales and Marketing AccuLens
Learn real solutions for the emerging presbyopic patient and higher ADD patients with the Maxim and EasyFit Scleral lenses.  AccuLens offers multiple multifocal design optics which include a  Dual Asperic for the emerging presbyope, Center Add and Center Near Progressive.Learn how to incorporate these multifocal designs in your practice.

VTI -  VTI’s Contribution to Optical Interventions for Myopia Management
Location: LAKE HART B
Presented by, Douglas P. Benoit, OD, FAAO Executive Director, Professional Affairs, VTI
This presentation will discuss the likely etiologies of myopia, and the various interventions being used to manage accompanying changes. Also to be discussed are studies supporting the optical interventions, particularly with regard to the VTI NaturalVue Multifocal 1-Day contact lenses.

Paragon Vision Siceinces  - Clinical and Practice Management for Your Practice
Presented by, Ken Kopp, FCLSA, Leah Johnson, OD, FAAO, Jon Hudson, ABOC, NCLEC
Gain unique clinical insights and lessons regarding the effective implementation of Paragon CRT® in your practice.

Orthotool - Custom Design with OrthoTool for myopia control  
Presented by. Pat Caroline
How to custom design all lens modalities including Aspheric GP, GP MF, reverse geometry for hyperopia and myopia especially focusing on myopia control



Time Slot C: 11:50 am - 12:20 pm

BostonSight - Pain with Sclerals? Learn how a Data-Driven Lens Design with Built-in Scleral Shape Can Help
Location: LAKE SHEEN A
Presented by,  Bita Asghari, OD
Leveraging objective patient fitting outcomes of 6 years and 7,000 eyes, the data-driven nature of BostonSight SCLERAL offers many advantages to scleral lens fitters. Clinicians will learn how they can maximize patient comfort, improve vision, and maximize efficiency and reduce the number of patient visits, by having a more dependable starting point right from the start. 

Visionary Optics  - sMap3D: Moving Scleral Fitting from Trial & Error to Data Driven
Location: LAKE NONA A
Presented by, Greg DeNaeyer, OD, FAAO, FSLS
The sMap3D has revolutionized the way we view scleral shape and design customized scleral lenses. The information gained from scleral shape measurements can simplify all scleral fits. Learn how Visionary Optics is transforming the scleral lens fitting process from art to science.

Contex - What's the difference between Myopia Control Ortho-K lenses and just Ortho-K lenses.
Presented by: Steven Ernst NCLE
Physical difference in standard OK lenses compared to myopia control designs will be explained and discussed.

EyeSpace - A practical EyeSpace training session
Location: LAKE HART A
Presented by Charl Laas and Jagrut Lallu
Come along to the EyeSpace manufacturer's seminar to learn all about EyeSpace 3. There will also be a live demonstration of the software and a practical example of the product in action. EyeSpace is free and is made by Optometrists for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists to help us with our busy workflow in practice and increase profitability. Stop on by the booth to get your copy. 

Bausch & Lomb - "Ask the Experts: Troubleshooting Scleral Lenses  - When to Use a Toric PC"
Shelley Cutler, OD, FAAO and Alden Optical Fitting Consultants
Join our team of experts with decades of experience for an in-depth discussion on fitting scleral lenses.  Learn about the top problems and solutions from Dr. Cutler and the Alden Optical Fitting Consultants.


Time Slot D: 12:20 pm - 12:50 pm

Art Optical - Advances in Scleral Lens Design in 2018  
Location: LAKE HART B
Presented by,  Patrick Caroline, FAAO, FCLSA
This presentation will highlight a number of the unique design features that make-up the Ampleye Scleral Lens Design. Reviewed will be new data on scleral shape establishing the value of toric haptics to improve patient outcomes.  Also presented will be an introduction of new reduced lens diameter options and their use in clinical practice.

Medmont - Successful Orthok Fitting with the Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer
Presented by, Randy Kojima, FAAO, FBCLA, FSLS, FIAO
Understand how to asses and properly fit an Orthok patient from start to finish.  This seminar will emphasize both pre and post orthok analysis as well as specialty contact lens fitting considerations.

Myopia Institute - Marketing Your Myopia Control Specialty on the Internet
Location: LAKE SHEEN B
Presented by: Alan N Glazier, OD, FAAO
Dr. Alan Glazier, founder of discusses importance of marketing online to grow a myopia control specialty. Focus is on driving better ranking in google when people search for the services and products related to myopia control you hope to be found for, how to stay ahead of your competitors, how to use social media to drive business and generate referrals.

GOV-ArtMost - Myopia Control - Yes, we have SOFTER yet SPEEDY approach! 
Presented by: Chris Eksteen, Lawrence Kao, and Arthur Tung
Description: Does highly myopic patient's vision always need to be compromised with partial molding if they ask for myopia control? How can I design more effective hyperpic ortho-k RGP for my presbyopia patients? Come to GOV(R) Orthokeratology forum to learn the secrets behind GOV high myopia, patented hyperopia, and high astigmatism Orthokeratology. What can I do if the cornea is not moldable? Orthokeratology may not be the only option when you think of myopia control. With ArtMost(R) Soft-OK monthly disposable contact lenses, you can simulate orthokeratology optics on your patient's cornea without overnight cornea molding. Join our manufacture forum to find out more information about specialty orthokeratology & our SoftOK monthly disposable design to see how to help your myopia control clinic with more comprehensive tools.

Synergeyes - 2018 New Innovations in Specialty Contact Lenses
Location:  LAKE NONA B
Presented by: James Kirchner, OD
James Kirchner, OD, President & CEO will present the SynergEyes 2018 Innovations in Specialty Contact Lenses, and discuss the expanding SynergEyes specialty contact lens portfolio. SynergEyes delivers a broad portfolio of personalized specialty contact lenses to meet your practice needs: Hybrid, Corneal GP, Scleral and Soft Lenses.