Q:  Can I register for the meeting if I am not an AAOMC member?

A:  Yes, we have member and non-member pricing.  If you become an AAOMC member you will save on registration. Become an AAOMC member Click Here

Q:  What is included in my registration?

A:   Attendance to Vision By Design functions includes meals, lectures, and exhibit hall access for the days you registered. For more information on what is included please see the pricing tables and detailed daily agendas listed on our site.

Q:  I registered and am unable to attend, can I get a refund?

A:  Yes, refunds are given up to 30 days before the conference starts. To receive a full refund, minus a $50 administrative fee, notify us prior to April 16th, 2019. After April 16th no refunds will be issued.   If you need to cancel your registration please email Sarah at oaaast@gmail.com

Q:  I cannot attend the full day, do you offer half-day registration?

A:  No, to keep costs down we only offer full day registration.  

Q:  The registration form asks for an OE tracker #, what is this?

A:  Your OE tracker number is the same as your ARBO number.  We need this number to scan attendance for CE.  If you do not know your OE tracker number you can look it up on the ARBO website - Click Here 

 If you are an international attendee please put 1234 in place of an OE tracker number. 

Q:  I am an international attendee and need an invitation letter in order to get a visa.  Can you provide this?

A:  Yes, please email Matt at oaaast@gmail.com with any invite letter requests

Q:  I can't get the registration page to work correctly.

A:  Please try re-loading or trying a different browser, most of the time one or both of these will fix the issue.  If you are still having problems with registration please contact Sarah at oaaast@gmail.com or 630-659-8371

Q:  Can I purchase my registration over the phone?

A:  We are unable to accept payment via phone or fax.  If you are unable to register online for any reason please contact Sarah at oaaast@gmail.com or 630-659-8371.

Q:  I have a meeting credit from a previous year, can I use it?

A:  Yes, please contact Sarah at oaaast@gmail.com before registering to sort out credit details

Q:  Will I receive my badge and materials before the meeting?

A:  No, badges and meeting materials will be picked up at the registration desk.

Q:  I am registered to attend the meeting Friday-Sunday, can I pick up my badge on Thursday? 

A:  No, badges are not given out to attendees in advance.  Please pick up your badge for the day you are registered.  If you are registered for Friday - Sunday and would like to attend the Thursday night exhibit hall session please come to the registration desk for a badge.  

Q:  I am registered to attend a night session, can I pick up my badge earlier that day?

A:  No, badges are not given to attendees in advance.  Please pick up your badge no more than one hour before the event you are registered for.