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Why Bring Your Staff to Boot Camp?

  • Staff need to understand how to present Ortho-K effectively, it is not just another soft lens, it is a premium treatment.  Boot Camp will show them how it is different.
  • If they understand the basics in detail, they will be a more effective advocate.
  • What will they learn that can help the doctor – and themselves?
    • How to schedule properly (much different than typical soft lens follow up) – Fitting the Ortho-K Lens Part 1
    • Advanced Ortho-K knowledge so they can answer questions more accurately - The Ortho-K Lens: How and Why it Works;  Wet Lab
    • How to promote Ortho-K in the office - The Box; Integrating Orthokeratology for Dummies
    • How to present an informed consent contract - The Ortho-K Informed Consent Contract
    • What is myopia control and why is it an epidemic - Myopia Control Protocol
    • What is topography, what is a good map and how to take one.  Topography Track Thursday Morning   
  • What’s in it for the staff:
    • Personal growth
    • Making themselves indispensable – job security
    • Practice growth
    • Caring about the patient’s future vision/eye health
  • In short they will leave educated, enthusiastic and ready to convert all eligible patients into Ortho-K patient