Join us for the premier specialty optometry meeting of the year!  

VBD main sessions run Friday, May 17th - Sunday, May 19th


Two and a half days of intensive lectures and panel discussions focusing on the latest advances, research and fitting techniques in all areas of myopia control and prevention, including corneal reshaping.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Focusing on:
•    The latest advances in reshaping techniques - complex case reports and serious troubleshooting presentations
•    Current research in the field of Ortho-K - hear it long before it is published
•    Myopia Control -  forward-looking developments in the quest to stop this public health epidemic (light, spectacles, pharmaceuticals, soft lenses)
•    The future of Ortho-K - Where are we going?

If you are an Ortho-K fitter, you can't miss this.  How else can you stay current?  This field is moving and shaking at light speed. if you are new to the field, or don't have a clue about Ortho-K or myopia control, you can't miss this.  It will change your life.