Thursday, May 16th - EyeCarePro Workshop

EyeCarePro Workshop

Thursday, May 16th 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Reaching New Patients for Ortho-K Needs a Strategy

Do potential new patients—or their parents—actually search on Google for ortho-k? GVSS? CRT? Almost never! People search for what they know and what concerns them.

Maybe it’s a parent concerned with their child’s myopia and they don’t know (yet) about how to manage it. Or an athlete searching for an alternative to prescription goggles. Maybe it’s an adult looking for a non-surgical alternative to LASIK?

In this workshop, we will go over the tools and strategies needed to capture the Google searches that are relevant to ortho-k, from a broad range of audiences. Learn to develop an online content strategy that reaches those potential new patients and then engages and educates them. Develop the tools needed to establish yourself as THE trusted local expert on effective myopia management.

Workshop Topics:  

Video That Works: How and why to create videos for your Ortho-k practice.

We will guide you on how to easily create videos that work for your myopia management practice. When done right, video will help you engage new patients as well as how to leverage referral sources to keep your lanes full of ortho-k patients.

A Pediatric Practice is an Ortho-K Practice

It’s a simple equation. More pediatric eye exams = more Ortho-k patients. We’ll introduce you to proven content strategies that will increase your pediatric new patient exams, to form the pool for new ortho-k fittings.

Making the Recommendation

Recommending ortho-k to parents (or adults) can be daunting. Doing it well is a careful balance of authority, education, and sales acumen. One thing’s for sure, there is a lot that you can do to maximize how many general care patients become Ortho-k patients.

Influencing the Influencers: How the Opinions of Others will Help you Fit More

Who are the influencers that can provide a steady flow of patient referrals for your Ortho-k Practice? How do you identify them? We will discuss the relationship-building strategies that work.