Friday, May 17th - SuperCharge Your Practice

SuperCharge Your Practice

Friday, May 17th   7:00 PM - 12 Midnight

(4 Hours of Continuing Education)

PLEASE NOTE:  This workshop/seminar is hosted by a VBD partner/sponsor and as such does not fall under the same guidelines as a Vision By Design workshop. If you have any questions about this workshop/seminar please contact the partner provider. 

Please keep the following in mind when considering this workshop/seminar: 

- Registration and payment for this course does not take place on the VBD website.
- Vision By Design does not control the pricing or refund policy of this workshop/seminar.
- Vision By Design does not have control over any CE hours related to this course (if any).
- Vision By Design does not have influence over the content of this workshop/seminar and is not responsible for     distributing notes or handouts.
- Exhibit Hall access does not come with this registration.  You must attend the day sessions in order to have Exhibit  Hall access. 

At SuperChargeYourPracticeTM You'll Learn:

1. How to profitably grow your practice.

2. How to develop fees and confidently present them.

3. How to train your staff to provide consistent results.

4. How to integrate specialty care within your office.

5. How to get an abundance of specialty care referrals.

6. How to develop a practice which enriches your life.

Instructor: Nick Despotidis



Nick Despotidis, OD, FAAO, FIAOMC

Nick Despotidis (Dr. D) practices Optometry in Hamilton, NJ with his partners, Barry Tannen, Ivan Lee, and Noah Tannen.   Together, they have one of the largest practices in the country, specializing in orthokeratology.  

Dr. D is the lead author of two books, “My Children are Nearsighted Too” and “A Parent’s Guide to Raising Children with Healthy Vision”.  His workshop SuperChargeYourPractice is the most sought-after practice management course offered at Vision by Design.  In 2018, Dr D took the TEDx stage where he presented “A Childhood Disease Worth Preventing”.


I’ve attended Supercharge three times: Chicago 2013, Houston 2015, & Scottsdale 2016. Without your seminar, I would never have had that push to do more than any other eye professional has dreamed of…
— Jeffrey Klosterman, OD
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you put into SuperCharge. Besides being informative and entertaining, it was a life changing!
— Alice Tseng, OD